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  1. 650Ti Not working correctly

    Hello, I recently installed Mac OS X Mavericks on my AMD FX PC. I did it according to the guide on Mac Breaker. Pretty much I've gotten my Hackintosh to run at 1080p, and everything works perfectly except that my graphics card is not working correctly is being sluggish. My graphics card is a 650 Ti and from what I've been searching it should work perfect oob, which it isn't. I can't find any kext for it either. I have GraphicsEnabler=No in my configuration for Chameleon and when I boot I use the boot flag npci=0x2000. When I go to look at my hardware specifications this is what I get: Whereas other people using this exact same card get the correct specifications (I don't remember the exact thread I looked at that somebody posted theirs.) Does anyone know the solution to this? Thank you c: