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  1. I can't boot into Mavericks wihtout the bootable Niresh USB and using the safe mode command Followed the "How to install OS X Mavericks on your PC with Niresh" on Macbreaker.com And I've installed OSX on the same hard drive as Win8 If I dont use the USB, then after bios loads it will be the windows OS select screen then Chameleon but it'll restart If I use the USB, it'll only boot if I use safe mode to boot if I dont use safe mode this will happen (see pic below) Any help? I'm really new to Hackintosh and some help would be appreciated! Thanks Specs Gigabyte H61M-D2P-B3 Intel i5-2400 Zotac GTX 650 1 gig WD 2TB HDD(partitioned... 100gig for Mac to install) 4 Gigs of RAM