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  1. im having the same problem. Mouse cursor is erratic after installation (fine during istalling). Keyboard strokes work in the login screen but then I get a message asking to connect a Bluetooth keyboard. The message wont go away...... And the mouse is no help in troubleshooting because it cursor freaks out when you move it. ANY HELP GUYS?? Im running on amd. a10.
  2. Hello, I am trying to install mavericks on my hp envy laptop with an amd a10. But, just not working. I'm using this guide by Macbreaker. I don't have an option on my BIOS to change my HPET to 64bit. Also, there isn't an option to change the PHC SATA control mode to AHCI. So, the computer wont boot the image from the usb drive. That is where I am stuck at. Please help quick.