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  1. Still no luck with this. Anyway I've just installed Niresh Mavericks on my desktop computer, and all works fine, so I'm working on the desktop, and only use de laptop connected to the TV's HDMI.
  2. Thanks for your help. But HDMI is working well, both Audio and Graphics acceleration. May be I haven't expressed correctly: My problem is that the built in display of the laptop is not working when try to use Intel HD Graphics driver, only works HDMI output. I need to activate the built in display with graphics acceleration so I don't depend of an external display. Regards, Fran
  3. Well, I will try this. I've removed graphics drivers with grafix. Now I can boot using the laptop display, with GraphicsEnabler=No, SkipIntelGfx=Yes or IGPEnabler=Yes. These ways the sound works, but there isn't graphic acceleration. If no boot flags are used, the laptop display switch off. If a HDMI display is attached to the laptop, all works like a charm, sound and graphic acceleration. I saw that when use HDMI, in the Mac info, the selected graphics is Intel HD Graphics 4000.... I'm so confused with these issues.... may be that the graphic driver switch to the HDMI output instead the laptop display? Is there a way to revert this? perhaps modifying the involved kext? Should I install another graphic kext? Please all help is welcome, I need to use sound and graphic acceleration, and purchase a HDMI display only for this, is not an option..... Thanks Fran.
  4. Hello to all. I have installed Mavericks on my laptop from a USB, installation was fine but now I have these problem: When boot from HD, the laptop screen switch off but the boot continues and launch ok (I hear sound, but no image), if I use an external HDMI plugged to the laptop, all goes fine, sound included. I can succesfully boot from the USB that used to install, typing these flags: -x "Graphics Mode"="1366x768x32" GraphicsEnabler=Yes SkipIntelGfx=Yes EnableDualLink=Yes with these flags, Mavericks boot fine, but no sound is enabled. I have tried to boot with these same flags from the HD but didn't works, its hangs on "missing bluetooth controller transport". May someone could help me please? I'm getting mad with this..... My laptop specs: Asus X55VD Intel core i3 3110, 2.4Mhz Ram 4Gb GeForce GT610M Thanks. Fran. EDIT: I have installed "10.9 Intel HD 3000 & HD 4000 Driver" kext, and now I can boot from HD, with the laptop display working, only typing -x flag. Still no sound. Anyway to activate sound with a boot flag?