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    HI, I solve it, follow this simple steps: install backlight.kext enable it on chameleon.boot.plist Reboot Install from Apple store Brightness Slider With this app you can control brightness and set the buttons to up/down brightness
  2. Hi, I install successfully OSX 10.10.1 on my HP laptop All parts works, but there is a problem, I can't control the brightness of monitor of my laptop The video card intel 4400 HD is install and system see 1.5 gb of NVRam How can I solve this problem about brightness? It's important for the battery and for my eyes
  3. Can't BOOT into Niresh Setup

    ok, but with flag cpus=1 the OS see only 2 cores instead of 4 I succefully install grapichs 4400HD I boot only with flag -x cpus=1 How can I solve it?
  4. Can't BOOT into Niresh Setup

    thanks, I do the setup with xpcm-free cpus=1and i installed it But I can only boot into with cpus=1 What can i do now ?
  5. Hi, I'm new in this forum, I search and research a lot of times but I didn't find anything good! I follow the guide to install Niresh but when I could not into the setup, I tried some flags like: hp -v , -v , -x , xpcm-free. Only with this last one I get in the Apple logo but nothig else, I see only the logo but not the wheel. I see that the USB is working but nothing happen. I've got Hp n230sl: intel i5 4200U @1.60ghz intel 8 series intel 4400HD nvidia GT740M 6gb Ram DDR3 @16000Mhz Kingston SSD 120gb nv300 Realtek 8188EE wifi card DTS sound (for the last two I found something but if you have an advice I'll accept with pleasure ) Sorry for my English