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  1. Installer won't load

    anybody have an idea why the PC just shuts down when I try to install it from a USB device? it says something about hfs: unmountaing disk then the bluetooth controller error and then it just shuts down.
  2. Installer won't load

    Thanks for the info! Yes I set my BIOS to AHCI. Ok so my DVD Drive is not SATA. But when I unplugged it from the mainboard and used the bootable USB instead I still got the same error I mentioned above in the first picture with the Missing Bluetooth and the PC just shuts down entirely.
  3. Installer won't load

    just tried it but still nothing when I use the USB, the PC just shuts down after saying Missing Bluetooth Controller and when I use the DVD it keeps saying waiting for root device even after 20min :S I can't think of anything anymore :S
  4. Installer won't load

    Hi guys, My first post in this awesome forum and I have to ask for advice already about my problem ^^ I downloaded niresh mavericks and burned it on a USB stick. I followed the guide on macbreaker but the installer just won't load. I have been through every possible boot flag combination, I redownloaded the dmg and tried that, I downloaded the ISO and tried it with a DVD but it will never boot into the installer. I'm running an amd x955 64bit processor on an asus m4a77t main board. I have two pictures: the first is what I see when I use a USB stick, the second when I use the DVD. Any help would be greatly appreciated!