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  1. Hey Guys, This is my current setup: - CPU: Intel i5 3570k - Graphic Card: 2x NVIDIA (Gainward branded) GTX 760 in Dual-SLi. - Motherboard: AsRock Z77 Extreme 4 - Chipset: Intel Z77 - Ethernet: Broadcom BCM57781 - Audio Card: Creative Soundblaster Z Is it possible to run Mavericks 10.9 with it? I wonder if OS X works with a SLi composite. I talked to Niresh a long time ago and he said: Yes it works. After some weeks I tried it and it wasn't working that well. The Installation worked perfectly. But the first boot didn't showed up anything on the screen. I mean, if SLi is not supported, it's not a big problem, But I dont want to remove the connector from my GPUs everytime to boot OS X. Does anybody got an idea to help me solving this? Greetings from germany, Dominik PS: Sorry if this thread is one of many. Didn't found something similliar in time.