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  1. Bump! Anyone got any ideas on this ? Anyone think I could solve this by getting a gigabyte mobo ?
  2. Hi guys hackintosh newcomer here my specs are as follows: Cpu - i5 3570k 3.4 ghz Motherboard - msi z77a g43 SSD - micron MTFDDAK128MAM-1J1 128gb SSD Graphics - intel hd 4000 Motherboard chipset - intel z77 chipset Audio - Realtek alc892 Not sure about LAN/Ethernet I've just finished putting together my first hackintosh build, everything was going well I had no trouble booting and installing mavericks usb, the problems start after install is complete and I boot up for the first time it freezes, I set -v and it seems intel cpu power management is the problem, I didn't flash my bios initially because some guides had said it wasn't necessary, after running into the problem I found my bios on samisnakes bios page and flashed it. It went fine although I am now on 2.8 instead of 2.12 (newest version is 2.13) I also tried downloading 2.13 from the msi page but I have no idea how to use eufi patch unfortunately upon reinstall I had the same problem even with flashed bios so I checked the kext install/customisation screen I couldn't find the apple cpu power management kext although it seemed like null cpu had already been enabled, I disabled it and set graphics enabler to no but -v still showed the same results on boot, am I missing the apple cpu power kext in the menus ? If not how can I install it if I cannot boot up and start multibeast ? It seems strange I would still be having a problem with patched bios and null cpu on by default ? Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks in advance guys http://i62.tinypic.com/9runmw.jpg