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  1. I can only boot in safe-mode on 10.9.5. On 10.9.0 it works great.
  2. A couple annoying issues.

    Most of these issues were fixed with the new FX kernel niresh released.
  3. A couple annoying issues.

    Bump. The most annoying issue is python and pygame crashing. Any help? It works fine on windows, but that defeats the purpose of building a hackintosh if i'm just going to use windows.
  4. installer wont load

    When I was messing around on virtual machines, I coudn't get anything to work on virtualbox. But I tried VMWare after and it booted up right away. Give it a shot..
  5. Let me start off by saying this is the best distro of OS X i've ever tried. (I actually got it to an everyday usable state, I.E. Graphics wifi sound.. All working.) However, I do have a few issues I need some tips on fixing: My specs are: AMD Fx 8350 @ 4.9 32gb Corsair Vengeance ram M5A97 LE R2.0 mobo Belkin n150 wireless adapter Niresh Mavericks 10.9.0 (I've tried 10.9.4 but it's not very stable on my pc) First issue: The Wifi works, however about every 10 minutes the connection gets dropped and I have to replugin the adapter. It's annoying and eventually I wind up having to do it every 2 minutes or so. Second issue: This one is a bit.. odd. I'm trying to work with python and pygame, but whenever I run anything that has to do with pygame my computer locks up and I have to hard reset it. I've tried limiting the frame rate so it doesn't hog all the cpu, but that did not work. The program runs for a few seconds and then my mouse freezes and I have to press the reset button on my tower. Third issue: Logic pro X crashes randomly. When I get the chance I'll post the crash log, but sometimes the program just quits in the middle of a song and comes up with a crash report. Again, I'll post the crash log when it does it again. If anyone can help with any of the issues that would be awesome. Other than that my hackintosh runs nicely. Especially for being AMD.