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  1. iMessage/iCloud/App Store Login FIX (UPDATED)

    this app deleted my /extra folder for chamaleon ..and yes i did choose chamaleon when it prompted me to. and it didnt fix ANYTHING.
  2. Mavericks hd6790

    tried it now i have a gtp error 0 boot error... i heard that installing clover from another mac or virtual machine to the hdd you want works so i am giving it a try now ..let you know how it goes..
  3. Mavericks hd6790

    sup guys i got a sapphire radeon hd 6790 . So far i got it to work with full resolution 1080p and recognized by adding the ID to the info.plist file in the amd6000controller kext but no QE/CI support. This Graphics card is a Barts Le architecture. this is really the only thing i am missing to have a full mavericks experience. can any one help? my specs are Asus m5a97 Motherboard radeon hd 6790 x2 AMD 6100FX CPU thanks in advance