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  1. Hello everybody, I keep getting a "still waiting for root device" error related to "waiting on <dic>ID="0". George Elliott Morris had the same problem here: Mark helped him out: He said: "Then try to find the SATA controller kext from your current install, and then install it to /S/L/E (/System/Library/Extensions). If you can't find it, then try asking on Niresh's forums." to him. Then George could boot with the flags "( ahcidisk=1 debug=8 USBBusFix=Yes)" My only problem is that I just don't know where to find this SATA controller kext from my current install. Maybe you think it's silly, but I'm working on this since weeks. Mavericks works for me without any problems. My specs are: - CPU Intel Core i5 4670 @ 3.40 Ghz - nVidia GeForce GTX 770 OC (Gigabyte) - Z97M-D3H (Gigabyte) - George has a Z87, so I think there shouldn't be a different way to the solution, when I've exact the same problem. / ? I used MacPwn-Developer-Preview-Yosemite-1.4 I use the public beta that you can download without a developer account from Apple's official website. Sorry if there are any mistakes, I'm German. Maybe it's to obvious for you, but I just don't get it..