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  1. No Display after installing

    Any thoughts out there on this issue?
  2. No Display after installing

    Ok to preface this I have read through these forums for a couple of days and have tried all the suggestions I could find throughout on how to fix the issue with no luck. The problem is that booting the installation media works great, I have full display with my laptop screen and everything seems to work just fine. I have tried to install with no Graphics Enabler and with as well as the various boot flags that involve the same process. I have also installed with the driver kexts removed and booted into safe mode and removed them after installation (grafix command) still with no luck. I have hooked up external displays both with HDMI and VGA using those ports on the laptop with no luck there either. Initial boot is fine and I see the grey apple logo when starting if I don't have it in verbose mode but as soon as the operating system is done loading and it loads the display the screen goes black and that is it. I can still hear the opening "song" as well as the guy explaining about using the mac with voice commands however I get no display whatsoever. I have also tried setting the graphics mode with the boot command Graphics Mode=1920X1080X32 to no avail as well. Any thoughts on what might be the problem? Specs for the machine are as follows. Dell Precision M6700 16Gb of ram (works) Core i7 processor (works) Nvidia Quadro K5000M video card Standard Audio (works) Standard keyboard (works) Standard Mouse/Trackpad (assumed working) USB 3 (may work, untested) Again the installer boots fine and I have full video and everything else there just nothing after first boot. Is there any way to enable the graphics mode the installer uses until I can get it booted and install the proper kext for the nvidia display?