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  1. Hello I have niresh 10.9 distro installed. It worked fine but sometime i got error when i tried run my PC. "Error: SerialATAPI device reconfiguration dit not complete successfully" So I read some info about that and download package for my motherboard: I backup by Extra folder and replace with this package. And I was not able to boot with this error(sorry i don't have picture :/) so I I boot to my recovery CD and move back my original Extra folder and try to boot and I got this erorr: ..... So I try boot from my USB drive with installation Niresh distro and try boot with parameter SCMBIOS=/Extra/scmbios.plist and my MacOsX successfully boots. I try fix from problem with MacPoison but without any result.... If I try boot from USBdrive it sometime boot correctly, but with normal HDD boot never... Please can you help me? I'm novice, so please tell me which informations or logs you need and i will send you. Thank you very much and have a nice day. Vladimir