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  1. It worked for me. Give it 4 GB memory and boot with: -v and make sure you install with only 1 cpu and network set to bridge.
  2. @Deepak : Would this help fix the Audio for i7 on updated 10.9.4 running under virtualbox VM?
  3. Cant get my audio works

    I have the same problem, please let us know how you resolved it. Did it work with macp0ison?
  4. Hello, I installed Niresh's OSX Mavericks on an ASUS Laptop in the latest VirtualBox, following the detailed instructions at MacBreaker . --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardware: ASUS N550JK Processor: Intel Core i7-4710HQ Video-1: Intel HD Graphics 4600 Video-2: NVIDEA GeForce GTX 850M Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio Memory: 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM Host OS: Windows 8.1 (64bit) Guest OS: OS X Mavericks 10.9.0 ? (Niresh Distro) VirtualBox: 4.3.14r95030 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything worked pretty much flawless, by carefully setting up the VM. The only thing that doesn't work is Audio. I get weird clicking and other noises when changing and typing in terminal. I have tried changing stuff in the Audio settings, but the problem prevails and the noises change only slightly. Also at one point when trying mess with VoodooHDA settings, there must have been some kind of kernel crash as the machine suddenly refused to respond and CPU at 100%. So my conclusion is that I don't have the right kernel drivers for the Audio provided by the VirtualBox machine. --------------------------------------------------------------------- The VirtualBox Audio settings are: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Host Driver: Null Audio Driver * Windows DirectSound Controller: * Intel HD Audio ICH AC97 SoundBlaster16 --------------------------------------------------------------------- And on the OSX "Sound" settings side they are: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Sound Effects: Speaker (Black Unknown) * Headphones (Green Front) SPDIF-out (Black Rear) Output: Speaker (Black Unknown) Apple speaker port * Headphones (Green Front) Headphone port SPDIF-out (Black Rear) Optical digital-out port Input: Microphone (Pink Front) Microphone port SPDIF-in (Black Rear) Optical digital-in port CD (ATAPI) --------------------------------------------------------------------- And on the OSX "VoodooHDA" settings side they are: --------------------------------------------------------------------- * 1: Speaker (Green Rear) 2: Headphones (Green Front) 3: SPDIF-out (Black Rear) 4: Line-out (blue Rear) 5: Microphone (Pink Front) 6: SPDIF-in (Black Rear) 7: CD (ATAPI) * /AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@1e0000/AppleACPIPCI/HDEF@5 [ ] Use SSE2 [ ] Enhance stereo --------------------------------------------------------------------- I have no idea what would be the proper settings for this controller. Any suggestions? Please note that I'm new to OSX and have little experience and understanding of how to find/use/install Kext files and editing plists. So any help would be much appreciated.