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  1. Problem Boot Freezes

    Ok ive reinstalled it without any costumizations and booted with -v -amd64 GraphicsEnabler=No ive got it working and evrything worked but then ive restarted my pc and booted with the same flag but ive got the following error "the volume couldnt be verified " then "cpu halted". Ive rebooted into the niresh installer and disk utility says the volume Macintosh HD does not seam OK. what shall i do It would be great if someone would slove my problem because im about to give up :-(
  2. Problem Boot Freezes

    it doesnt work either. im trying to redownload the image. Even though thanks for your help
  3. Dual boot OSX Maverick and Windows 7

    on the download page theres a link to a detailed tutorial on macbreaker.
  4. Ive installed Niresh on my external drive and the installition succeded but when i want to boot it up in verbose mode (and normal mode too) it freezes after hfs Niresh Mavericks detected on Mac OS X (my Hard drive). Please help me. Ive an AMD Radeon HD 6670 and an AMD Athlon II X4 640 (3 Ghz) and 4 GB RAM. Sorry for my bad english but im from another contry