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  1. ATI 6330M

    Not yet. I will try it.
  2. ATI 6330M

    It's exactly what i've did. This not work for me so i've thinked that probably there is more to do that i don't know.
  3. ATI 6330M

    I've installed Mavericks and boot is ok. I've tried ATI6000Controller.kext to enable full acceleration with my vga but not works and i've followed some guides that suggest to change PCIMatch in the kext, but problem is not been solved and i'm not able to enable full acceleration. I've started to think that i've not modified all in the ATI6000Controller, AMDRadeonAccelerator and ATISupport kexts. Someone has already done these modifications ?
  4. ATI 6330M

    Can anyone help me to fix ATI Kext for my AMD Mobility Gpu ? Can anyone suggest me how to do ?
  5. Hackintosh Mavericks

    A little help to update this guide. I've simply burned dmg on my USB from windows with Win32DiskImager like 10.8.5 and installation boots and finish correctly. All works good on my FX-8150 Thank you Niresh ^^