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  1. First things first, here are a couple specs. Intel i7 3.40GHz 1TB ST31000524AS Harddrive (Windows 8.1) WDC WD10EZEX Harddrive (Yosemite) Insigna TV (1366x768) as my Monitor (Connected with HDMI) Intel HD4000 Graphics Clover Bootloader (EUFI settings) My exact computer: This is my first every hackintosh so I am not very skilled. Everything boots fine, it's just when I actually get into Yosemite the graphics are horrific. The mouse glitches around, animations are poor, ect. I have narrowed it down to what I believe is a vram issue. In "about me" under graphics it displays "Intel HD Graphics 4000 3 MB." If I am correct that number should be more than 3, but I can not a way to fix it. Here is my config.plist : If any additional information is needed please let me know and i'll get it to you asap. Thanks, Cym
  2. Yosemite Issues (Laggy Graphics)

    Processor: Intel i7-3770 (3.40GhZ) Graphics: Integrated Intel 4000 Graphics Card: Radeon 7700 Series XFX Harddrive (Yosemite): WD Blue - 1TB Other computer information: Without my graphics card, the computer boots up. The only issue is the graphics are supper choppy/laggy. The mouse jumps around, animations aren't smooth, things like that. If I put my graphics card in, Clover boots up fine, after choosing to boot to my hard drive, I get the lines of code, and then the monitor turns off. After that nothing happens. I'm using Clover Boot Loader with the UEFI settings (Boots to EFI partition) The only kext I have added is FakeSMC I'm stuck at a wall and have no idea where to move next, i'm in desperate need of help. Cheers, Cym