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  1. USB dont work

    HP DV6 6033 i5 2410M HM65 HD3000 The entire installation went well but USB does not work at all Can you help me please
  2. cpus=1 and USB Off

    I installed Niresh 10.9 many times in HP DV6 6033 with all the flags required all USB were working but always has problems with CPU. To fix this problem (cpus=1) I used Lapic Kernel Patcher V07 (10.9) but now I get an additional problem, USB do not want to work. After 10 or more installations I update to 10.9.5 maybe to try something new. Again the USB worked but do not cpu and again I try Lapic Kernel Patcher V07 to don't use flag cpus=1 but again the USB stop. Can you help me to soft this problem and what I can do only with the Niresh 10.9 installation