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  1. Hello everybody, just returning to Hackingtoshing after 3 years away. I have a new box with the MSI 970A-G46 with the AMD RX980 chipset and a AMD FX 6200 I set the AHCI in the bios I have read a lot of posts here on this web site. and have found a few problems. so far using Niresh's Maverick DVD using these flags amdfx -V KernelCache=amdfx Graphicsenabler=no -x -v UsbBusFix=yes ncpi=0x2000 it seems to say it can NOT find a file in /var here is a picture of the screen , see if you have a suggestion on how to get further to completion.
  2. I'm new here, BUT , I can not find the article? you promoted the post to "article" and the link gives me a 404 page? WHY don't you make a distro for AMD FX owners with 990 chipset ? EVERYBODY wants to run this on AMD FX processors. I had this running 3 years ago on a old dell with Intel. but now have a AMD FX 6300 and sure would like a ISO for it, I do not like USB it sucks!! besides what is wrong about booting from a 8.5gb DVD ? PLEASE consider making such a DVD even if it's big and we have to use the more expensive 8.5gb dvd for us OLD newbees thanks