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  1. Yosemite - Battery percentage Random show

    Hi What Distro are you using? Niresh - just boot perfect MacPwn - use npci=0x2000 UniBeast - use PCIRootUID=1
  2. Hi To You All I install Yosemite on my Sony Vaio Duo Everything is working perfect even Sleep mode and the screen touch (never worked on previous versions) got myself nice mac tablet i got a few minor problems sure some of you can easily fix it up for my i Installed the voodoobettray ktex, but the bettary meter is shown randomly (mostly not shown) as you all agree this one is vary important on a laptop one more thing less important is the option to adjust the screen rightness didn't find any patch or ktex for it please help tx
  3. Mavariks work fine Yosemite missing ktex

    NO... if i understand you correctly i will lose my HD performance using it as IDE someone know how do i replace the Yosemite ktex with mavericks?
  4. Hi to you all I installed mavariks and it working great! try to install Yosemite but network and Audio not working Is there a way to use the mavariks drivers on Yosemite?? One more thing, in both of the installations system won't boot, i only can load up the installation USB and choose the HD boot. Try to install any boot loader i found even uefi My system is HP Elite 7100 Workstaion
  5. Maverick on Sony Vaio Due 11

  6. Maverick on Sony Vaio Due 11

    Hi Everyone I Just Install Maverick on My Sony Vaio due I have a few Problems hope someone can help me solve some of them 1. this laptop have 2 web cameras (front & rear), every time i install the OS (i did it a few time) a random camera works is there any way to chose which one? 2. when the laptop going to sleep mod i cant wake him up...:/ 3. i have touch screen & stylus, i surprised to see the stylus is working but not celebrated to the screen - there any way to calibrate it? 4. one last question, is there a way to set the power button do a default task? (shutdown or sleep) (
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