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  1. Update OS X via App Store, is it safe?

    Had You installed yosemite by vanillation installation, you would have easily done that. I made a vanilla installer and installed yosemite. Then updated to 10.10.2 via app store without any problem.
  2. Memory allocation error

    UPDATE - i deleted AppleKextExcludeList.kext from pendrive & tried to boot. This time all kexts are loaded, but laptop restarts everytime. Plz help me out.
  3. Memory allocation error

    Hi all ! I downloaded latest niresh yosemite iso & burned it to my 16gb pendrive using win32diskimager. Then I used my earlier niresh mountain lion dvd ( niresh mountain lion iso that i had burned to a dvd) to boot from pendrive. Then I applied some of these flags /haswell /hp -v -x -f -F GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 But everytime I got same "memory allocation error". Here is screenshot :: I have hp 250 G3 laptop :: intel 4Gen. core i3 4005u @1.7ghz with integrated graphics mem. 2gb RAM 4GB Nvidia GeForce 820m 1GB