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  1. Is It Safe To Upgrade To 10.9.1

    Updatet from the AppStore. Works great! Because there is no hardware changes... (iBooks, iTunes, ...)
  2. Restore To Usb

    Yes, I have the DMG and no PC. I use a MacBookPro.
  3. Restore To Usb

    How to restore the DMG to USB without win? Thanks!
  4. Mavericks And Mountain Lion Iso

    yes yes yes (:
  5. Need Help - Hp P6-2432Eg

    Thanks, i try ist. I think with HP is cpus=1 good. This worked with 10.8 i think. But i so long far away
  6. Need Help - Hp P6-2432Eg

    I tried the new Distro 10.8.5 on HP P6-2432eg (UEFI) Secure Boot is enable in the BIOS. I tried in Clover "Enable Clover Secure Boot" an get: "Enabling Secure boot failed because Clover does not have a certificate" And now? Is my first UEFI-Install. Before i have Legancy support and the 10.8 Distro.