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  1. OSX Mavericks 10.9.0 AMD help

    Does no one have any other ideas? I'm trying to be as descriptive as possible so someone can notice a mistake or fix someplace?????
  2. OSX Mavericks 10.9.0 AMD help

    1) Install Niresh 10.9.0 usb bootable to formatted hdd whilst installing I uncheck GraphicsEnabler=Yes and checked Backup Graphics Extensions 2) After successful boot with kernal flag -x, -v I reinstalled the Backuped kexts via Kext Wizard 3) Backuped kext files and kernel 4) Updated to 10.9.3 5) Did not restart, replaced kernel with AMD v2.3 kernel (I did not install the kext files with it because you didnt say to, so I chose not to at the time) 6) I then restarted the update because even though you said install the package I could not because my system was still being seen as 10.9.0 7) Upon boot I got instant restarts... which I assume were the kernel 8) I used the backup (old) kernel and I got past the instant restarts but a new probem occured. flow_driver_kctl_disconnect (0): disconnecting group 1 com.apple.launchd 1 com.apple.ColersyncXPCAgent 158 Stoping job... com.apple.launchd 1 com.apple.ColersyncXPCAgent 158 Sent job SIGKILL. Resetting IOCatalogue now I then tried installing my backup kexts no good same problem... I tried going back to the AMD v2.3 kernel and installing the system+sandbbox+applematch kexts buut yet this problem still exists. I read perhaps it was my FAKESMC so I installed the newest FAKESMC from tonymacx86 downloads and after using FAKESMC with the old kernel and old kexts I still get the same problem. Any suggestions?
  3. OSX Mavericks 10.9.0 AMD help

    I'm following your steps as we speak, and will get back to you with results. One thing quickly your step I quote, "Reinstall Backuped Kexts" I assume that your inferring to the Backup GRaphics Extensions I checked off during installation? If so how do I go about reinstalling the backuped ones?
  4. OSX Mavericks 10.9.0 AMD help

    UPDATE So I've made some progress in my trial and errors... but in the end I have new problems. I've fixed my video problem having read that I have a gtx 660ti that I should install the OSX with GraphicsEnabler=No. That gave me my multiple displays + 1920x1080 resolution, plus the vram correctly showed 2gbs. I managed to fix the wavy/choppy however now all my text is BLURRY! I've read on the forums that I must apply the quadro nvidia update however I must update to OSX 10.9.2 atleast... I tried installing the combo update but got a java error in the end telling me I was updating in the wrong order... so I went along with updating to 10.9.4. This is where my problems exist is I'm not being able to boot back up after upgrading to 10.9.4 but if I don't update I can't update my video card so I'm at a dilemma.... Also to state my CPU still says 4.01ghz uknown.... is it supposed to be like this? I just want to make sure so I dont get any cpu crashes or its not working fully... It does show the correct cores and ghz but I'm wondering if being called unknown will make more problems arise? I have a amdfx 8350. Here are my steps so far. 1) Make bootable Niresh OSX for 10.9.0 2) Format HDD to Mac OSX Extended (journaled) 3) Install OSX with GraphicsEnabler Unchecked 4) Boot with -x -v (I can boot without them but one time in my trial and error it froze randomly... so better safe then sorry to boot with kernel flags) 5) reboot 6) Install AMD 10.9.x v2.3 kernel via terminal sudo -s type in password mount -uw / cp mach_kernel /mach_kernel.old cp /Users/myname/Desktop/mach_kernel /mach_kernel 7) Install extensions, Sandbox; System; Applematch; Fakesmc via Kext Wizard 8) Repair permissions/kexts via Kext wizard 9) Backup Extensions & kernel via terminal cp -r /System/Library/Extensions /System/Library/Extensions.backup cp -r /mach_kernel /mach_kernel.backup (note I changed the original backup kernel to backup.old just incase i needed it) 10) Reboot to make sure new kernel works along with kexts (slow bootup, stuck at greyscreen for longer then usual, but it booted up fine with no kernel flags) 11) Download and install 10.9.4 combo update and restart 12) Through the Niresh bootable 10.9.0 usb,, I enter the terminal and replace kernel + extensions with the backup (tried through niresh USB boot Terminal) cd /volumes/MAC OSX/System/Library cp -r /volumes/MAC OSX/System/Library/Extensions.backup /volumes/MAC OSX/System/Library/Extensions cp -r /volumes/MAC OSX/mach_kernel.backup /volumes/MAC OSX/mach_kernel (normal niresh boot on osx hdd) -s cp -r /System/Library/Extensions.backup /System/Library/Extensions cp -r /mach_kernel.backup /mach_kernel chown 0:0 /mach_kernel chmod 755 /mach_kernel 13) reboot data/stack error not permitted.... protections were read-write 14) repair permissions via disk utility on niresh usb boot 15) reboot data/stack error not permitted.... protections were read-write I can't get past this. I've backup my kexts and replaced them yet I'm still getting this error? I hope im being detailed enough so perhaps someplace I am making an error?
  5. OSX Mavericks 10.9.0 AMD help

    I'm 100% new to hackintosh. I've been PC users for years and now finally trying to install a hackintosh on another hdd. Here are my specs. AMD FX 8350 Asus M5a97 R2.0 EVGA Nvidia Gtx 660ti Here's what I've done so far. 1) Downloaded and made a bootable USB from this guide https://www.hackintosh.zone/file/75-niresh-mac-os-x-mavericks-109-with-amd-intel-usb/ 2) Booted with the kernel flag amdfx -v 3) disk utility to format hdd to mac os extended (journaled) 4) installed the osx with no alters to the customization of kernel texts 5a) After successful installation I couldn't boot, even with kernel flags such as -x or -v 5b) To resolve this I used the kernel flag -s and did the following: fsck -fy mount -uw / grafix backup all reboot 6) Success with booting up with and without using kernel flag -x 7) I let niresh install its things and this is where I become confused..... First, my screen resolution is off.... I've read that some people have same thing but onyl when it boots up but when they enter the osx it fixes... my however does not. My screen resolution stays in the center of my screen suround by like an inch of black border all around... a resolution of 1037x733 or something like that, it doesn't really matter just that its small when I have 24" 1920x1080p monitor. To note: I went into the "about mac" and I see that my CPU says, 4.01ghz unkown (so mac is not recognizing that I have an amd fx 8350) Also that it recongizes i have the evga nvidia gtx 660ti EXCEPT; the vram is recongized as "0mb" instead of "2gbs" Final note is that the video is really choppy, like the mouse stutters and lets say I open safari browser... it looks as if a wave is going on with the image because its stuttering so much... I beleive this is either the video card not being correctly installed or its because my cpu is not being used correctly. Or i could be wrong? Now I know I need to install multibeast to install more kernels but here is where my pc knowledge becomes useless and me knowing nothing about macs... I'm so confused on where to get these kernels because I can't find a straight answer of what kernel to use and HOW TO INSTALL IT. Seeing that my video card is not working i'll need a correct kernel for that and my cpu. Also I read about a motherboard DSDT but im afraid I can't find one for my motherboard so once again Im confused on what kernels to install to get my system working. So, good news is I can get the installation going and boot... bad news is I have no idea about the kernels to get the system to run smooth. If anyone can help me I would gladly appreciate the help... I'm such a novice about hackintosh and would love to get this working.