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  1. Alienware 17 r5 Tutorial

    The fan was the one thing that I couldn't stomach when running OSX, there was zero control of the gnu fan, and no way to turn it down. I reinstalled 10.9.0 to keep it stable, but until we can figure out the fan issue I'll probably stick to hackintoshing my desktop, which has been INFINITELY easier. I'm not giving up on my hack AW17 though, its like a the top-end 27" iMac got shoehorned into a laptop with a badass lighting scheme and then got upgraded to a 120hz screen. I was using it in class the other day and made someones head explode, lol.
  2. Alienware 17 r5 Tutorial

    Just wanted to thank you for the guide - was able to get me AW17 up and running at 10.9 following your guide. Mine is a 4900mq/16GB/780m config with the 120hz screen. I was wondering if you updated to 10.9.4 on your hack or did you leave it at 10.9.0. Im wondering because I planned to use FCPX on here and it seems that i might HAVE to run 10.9.4 to be able to run the most current version of the software. I tried to update via Software update and have been unable to get back into the system no matter what combination of boot flags I tried. Should I just say screw it, nuke the installation and start fresh - simply leaving it at 10.9.0? Or were you able to get to 10.9.4 without an issue?