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  1. HI all, brand new account here, so hopefully this is ok. I've spent a long time troubleshooting and trying to install Mac OS X on my Laptop, HP Pavillion 15-e045sa Notebook PC, and I've overcome many hurdles. I couldn't install it to a usb, boot from usb etc. I successfully installed it into VirtualBox and it boots and runs almost flawlessly. However, upon booting the installer on my actual laptop (Niresh 10.9 DMG) it either throws up the "You need to restart your Computer" screen, or hangs on text (Screenshot attached). If anybody could help me install this I'd be extremely grateful. I must also add that the bios has almost no options that I can see. I've been through it fully at least 20 times and you can enable legacy support and disable secure boot, but nothing else. Image: