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  1. hi there i successfully installed niresh 10.9.0 on my system using amdfx -v bootflag. After the first reboot the sytem failed to boot up (stuck at apple logo screen) so i had to use "GraphicsEnablerï¼No" to make it work.the system booted up successfully and everything worked smoothly except the graphics card . I need a simple guide to make it work cause i am not familiar with mac . i tried kext utility and used ati7xxxcontroller.kext but no success. also i read somewhere the instructions about editing and making dsdt which was too complicated for me to follow. I tried kext wizard to make changes but nothing happened. my system specifications cpu: amdfx 6350 mb:Asrock 970 extreme4 Graphics: Asus 7770 1gb ddr5 (it is on pcie 0) thanks