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  1. Hi, For some reason, I am not able to boot the actual installer. I can get to the boot screen where I can enter different boot flags but if I press enter Windows starts. Going to do the USB-installation. Here are my specs Motherboard MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Processor Intel ® Core I7-4790S 3.20 GHz Graphicscard NVIDA Geforce GTX 660 Think this should work. Any ideas on what to do? I am new to this thing. Many thanks for any help!
  2. Hi all, First a question. Is sound available during actual installation like it is on a Mac? Wondering because I am visually impaired and must use VoiceOver the screen reader that produces speech. Now to my problem. Trying to install latest Mavericks using USB but it doesn't work. I can get to the boot screen but if I press enter it restarts into Windows so i suppose it has booted from the USB stick proprely. Too bad there is no screen reader available on that so I cannot find out if there are any errors coming up. Any sudjestions? many thanks