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  1. No HPET's available

    @Deepak I got it working thanks
  2. No HPET's available

  3. No HPET's available

    I solved the problem with the boot flags: PCIRootUID=1 -x Edited by Niresh: This Article May help you
  4. Having problem after successful installion

    Glad to hear it worked
  5. Patched BIOS file request

    @ so in multibeast, what did you choose for the dsdt options?
  6. Having problem after successful installion

    And you might have to use GraphicsEnabler=No
  7. Having problem after successful installion

    Oh yes I solved this problem myself after a bit of testing but idk what I did exactly. I think it was PCIRootUID=1 try that
  8. Patched BIOS file request

    @ Bump bump. Just wanna make sure you didn't forget about me lol
  9. Patched BIOS file request

    Oh no problem @
  10. Patched BIOS file request

    @ Can you help me find a patched file?
  11. Patched BIOS file request

    @ Ok I'm on the latest version 2201
  12. Patched BIOS file request

    No. Lemme do that real quick with the manual
  13. Patched BIOS file request

    @ OH NO sorry typo. I couldn't find one
  14. Patched BIOS file request

    Yeah I could find one @
  15. Help with Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 Ti

    I have the same card without acceleration