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  1. Hello! My roommate loves mac - and when I built him a PC, I told him I'd put his favorite OS on there if he absolutely needs it. It has been quite a headache to say the least - but a good learning experience for myself. I have a working version of Snow Leopard on it right now - he owns all the Operating Systems, so it was rather easy. However, his video card is a GTX 650 Ti, and there does not seem to be any Kexts or Drivers for Snow Leopard. So now I am forced to try to upgrade the OS or just suck it up and stay at 1024x768 Res on a 1080p Monitor Anyway. My first attempt was the Legit, Uniboot method - All went well and when I popped in the USB, the Apple boot screen pops up for a moment and then immediately reboots. When I run it in Verbose mode, the same thing happens. The text doesn't seem to stop like it does for most of you guys - the PC immediately reboots. So I figured I'd try the Niresh method - but the exact same thing happens. A momentary flash of the apple logo, and then a reboot. Verbose mode, again does not freeze to tell me what is causing the problem. I tried almost every possible combination of boot flags to no avail. It just does not want to work. I tried every possible configuration on the Mobo as well. If there is ANY advice - Please help me out. I'm tempted to just put Linux on it and tell him its mac Anyway, here are some specs that might help:CPU: Intel i5, 4400 3.1 Ghz Quad Core Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti Motherboard: MSI h87-g43 (More and more - I'm thinking this board might be the problem)