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  1. High Sierra USB - Does NOT Boot

    So ... I've successfully (@ least UniBeast says so ...) created High Sierra installer on a SanDisk 16GB USB-Flash Disk with UniBeast 8 (High Sierra version) ; I've created the USB boot disk two times ... first I used options ; UEFI Booting, Inject ATI (for I have a AMD Radeon 6450HD AGP-Card . ) . The second time I used Legacy Boot option, Inject ATI and so on ... BUT ... the Problem is using either boot modes (UEFI and Legacy) I can't get the boot disk to show up in the boot menu (after pressing F12) . It only displays my internal HDDs ... I have WIndows 10 x64 installed on a Kingston 120GB SSD . Could that be the cause for the boot failure . My (DeskTop) PC is a eMachines ET1870 with 8GBs of RAM . AMD / ATI Radeon 6450 Display Adapter . The HDD I'm trying to install on is a GUID Partitioned TOSHIBA MK1652GSXL If someone could post working BIOS Settings ... ?
  2. I've created install media with MacPawn as well as with Unibeast from High Sierra AppStore DMG ; The USB disk creation went smoothly, but when I try to boot from these disks all I get is a blinking cursor on top left of the screen, nothing else ... My Mac / Hackintosh : Asus P5Q Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50 GHz 8,00 GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 6450 Legacy IDE / ATA : 200 GB SATA : 320GB SSD : Kingston 120GB
  3. So here we go ... I'm planning to install Mac OS Sierra / Hackintosh Zone on my PC ; Asus P5Q, 8GB RAM Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz, AMD Radeon HD 6450 Kingston SSD 120GB / HDD Is there something I should be aware of before trying to install the Operating System ... any necessary Boot Flags / BIOS Optios / Modded BIOS, etc . I currently have Yosemite (which works fully except, that I have to use the installer USB disk to boot in to the OS .) installed on the Kingston HDD, which I'm about to wipe off ... and to replace with Sierra . Keep me posted ... / T .
  4. YOSEMITE Installed / Can't BOOT without USB-Disk OK ... I've succesfully installed Yosemite Zone on my Asus P5Q - based Hackintosh . Now ... just a simple question ; How can I make the OS X System Disk (Mac OS X) bootable, so that I don't have to use the USB-installer disk as a Boot Device ? I think it's pretty much the same situation as the one here ; / Toni .
  5. Yosemite / Can't BOOT without USB Disk / Install Media Okay ... I've got Yosemite Zone installed on a Kingston 120GB SSD ... The installation went fine, but I just can't boot without the USB-Disk . When I try to boot off of the Kingston SSD (as the first boot selection) the computer goes straight into Windows 10, that I have installed on a another physical HDD . No Boot menu ... whatsoever !?! I installed latest version of Clover, but that didn't help matters . Now ... anyone a fix for this ??? - zergei W -
  6. Cloning of System Drive

    Okay ... I've got Yosemite installed on a Kingston 120Gb SSD-Disk . I want to make a bootable clone of it to a Legacy-IDE-Disk . I've tried SuperDuper, Clonezilla and Macrium Reflect Free ... They've all managed to clone the (working) OS X System drive, that I have on the Kingston SSD . (And SuperDuper even says it made the destination drive bootable .) . But ... when I try to boot off of the clone all I got's a top-left blinking cursor on the screen . So after all the waiting the clone's not a full working /bootable clone at all . Now ... Tell me, what am I missing here ... ??? In addition how to make the OS X System Drive boot automatically to the GUI ? now as I turn my Hackintosh on it goes to this stupid menu, where I manually have to select the Disk / Partition / OS, that I want to boot into . My System Specs ; Asus P5Q Quad Core, 8GB Kingston RAM Kingston 120Gb SSD System Drive / Mac OS X Yosemite (that I'd wish to clone to a Legacy-IDE .) nVIDIA GeForce 8400GS DualPort Display Adapter . HELP !!! - zergei W -