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  1. 750Ti dont work in Maverick

    Hi for all. I tried install Mavericks on my pc with: mb asus h87 plus cpu core i5 4460 vga asus 750ti After installtion evrything ok but vga card dont work. I use nv_disable=1 for boot in to Mavericks and install web drive for Mavericks but nvidia managment not active and my screen resolution is 1024*760. What do i? I am sorry my english is very bad.
  2. 750ti not work with 10.10

    This is important for me .Plz help me
  3. 750ti not work with 10.10

    thanks. In my hackintosh for 750ti do not found any kexts.I trid to insatall Maxwell enabler kext with Kext Utility but do not any thing.
  4. 750ti not work with 10.10

    Plz help me.
  5. 750ti not work with 10.10

    thanks I installed OS successfully when i used your link web driver this error show for me: this computer not compatible with this driver. i try install NVDA4ALL Yosemite 10.10.0 - 343.01.01.f01.pkg and when complate reboot system . when startup screen black apear and dont show dsktop while system working yet. i flag -x nv_diable=1 and pc working but nvidia managment dont work. when i install os i choose clover uefi graphicenabler=yes and remove nvidia kexts.
  6. 750ti not work with 10.10

    Hi all i try for clean install 10.10 on pc with: MB asus h87 plus cpu 4460 core i5 vga asus 750ti evrything is ok but my graphic card do not work and my screen resolution only 1024*728. i try install a lot of web driver with diffrent ver . but i can not install it? plz help .what i can do?
  7. Realtek RTL8111-8168 Kext

    how do i install this binary driver?