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  1. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    thanks for all again .I install step by step and in the final step replace to efi partition.Now my graphic and network and sound cards work but sound card sometimes do not work.I do not know reason .Can do i?
  2. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    Thanks for all I clean install HS 10.13.0 with this Customize ( select all of Kext and Graphics Options ).I download clover and install it but when i reboot bootloader not change.But my network and sound cards worked.and so i update to 10.13.02 and install nvidia web driver .When i reboot again my bootloader is default and nvidia web driver do not worker. How do i?
  3. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    I try to install hackintash for about 10-20 times and tested different way and i tired What is this operation system:graphic card dont work,sound card dont work ,network card dont work,wifi dont work.
  4. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    If i install web driver before combo update so my web driver version no compatible with hackintosh version after update.
  5. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    Do I right understand : clean install Hackintosh High Sierra 10.13.0 Install clover install Lilu.kext install nvidiagraphicsfixup.kext update to 10.13.2 combo Install web driver reboot
  6. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    I install agein 10.13.0 clean and instal Lilu.kext and nVidiaGraphicsFixup.kext then I try install invidia web driver but not install it and same error appear.
  7. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    I am sorry.How do I installing via combo update
  8. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    How do I when update complete?
  9. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    My boot loader is clover I updated from about menu >update software
  10. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    No.I downloaded update 10.13.2 but i cannot install it
  11. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    thanks. when i upgrade to 10.13.2 i download about 2.1Gb and restart but not happened.
  12. [Success] Do not work Nvidia 960GTX

    when i try to install nvidia web driver this error appear
  13. Hello for all. I install hackintash high sierra on my pc . In customize do not select any item in graphic menu . After install my audio and network card worked.I try install nvidia web driver but i can not install in it. Plz help me for install it. MB:Asus H170 Pro CPU : Intel Core i5 7500 Gpu: Nvidia 960GTX
  14. 750Ti dont work in Maverick

    Hi for all. I tried install Mavericks on my pc with: mb asus h87 plus cpu core i5 4460 vga asus 750ti After installtion evrything ok but vga card dont work. I use nv_disable=1 for boot in to Mavericks and install web drive for Mavericks but nvidia managment not active and my screen resolution is 1024*760. What do i? I am sorry my english is very bad.
  15. 750ti not work with 10.10

    This is important for me .Plz help me