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  1. I install Mavericks and all but I have like 2 problems. First, I can't boot maverick without the USB where is Niresh because if I boot without it i get this error... Boot0:GPT Boot0:GPTBoot0:error So I keep the USB, and I choose The HDD I name it Mackintosh HD, and I need to go to OS always write GraphicsEnabler=No as boot flag. How can I like write it as default and don't write it every time i want to Use my computer. The Other Problema is that only in Safari i hame problems with the FONT, its like break but the weird thing is that not in all of the texts i have problem. I notice that if i use -x when i start i don't have this problem but the graphics are slow. I download and install Google Chrome and i didn't have the problem.