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  1. hi guys, I finally managed to install hackintosh on my amd machine, then i figured i also wanted windows 8 back so installed that on a other hard drive. then i tought it would be handy to get a bootloader so after installing clover trew mac and a bios update (because there was a new one) my keyboard and mouse are not working. my specs are: AMD FX-8350 AMD ATI Radeon HD 4850 Biostar TA-990FXE 1ssd with mac 1hdd with windows Mac version 10.9 windows 8.1 pro and clover as bootloader help would be much appreciated as i do not like to start from scratch again >.< sorry for the bad english EDIT: The mouse and keyboard do work in windows and bios and clover just no in mac EDIT: allright i made it work with USBBusFix=Yes for anyone who would like to know sorry about the topic, you can close it or something haha
  2. i just installed it using terminal en kext wizard i used the kexts in the folder for 10.9.2 the terminal commands i used where ppen Terminal and Enter These Commands Get Root privileges sudo -s Make a backup of old kernel mv /mach_kernel /mach_kernel.bakInstall / Copy The New Kernel cp "Drag and Drop the New Kernel" /mach_kernel Then rebuild Kernel Cache / Kext Cache kextcache -u / After that you can safely restart your system but in case if your system fails to boot with the new kernel you can use the following boot flag to Boot again using the backup kernel you made mach_kernel.bak -v amd fx-8350 10.9.0 ssd it now boots insanely fast!! thankss ^^