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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie, but until now I have successfully been running the OS X on Pc HW. Since last month I acquired new HW and moved over some of the parts like the GPU, mem & the U3S6 SATA controller (Marvell 88SE9120) which I now am facing issues with. For some reason everything works on ML, but as soon as I try to do a fresh installation of Mavericks then… the SATA card is not detected. Could someone please suggest what confiiguration / kext vessions I can use. I tried using latest UniBeast & MacPwn…No luck there… during the boot process the card is not detected an I'm not able to install. HW is following HP Z800 CPU 1x X5560 6Cores MEM 12Gb GPU AIT 6650 SATA U3S6 + USB 3 BR / ZorroZZ