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  1. Problem on aspire e1-572

    Hi to everyone! I' e a problem, i've installed Yosemite on mi notebook but when I try to start i'v this problem http://cl.ly/image/3Y131f3G1c2C?_ga=1.247604545.738153042.1423245242 Any solution??
  2. Problem with Mavericks 10.9.2

    I have a intel core i5 4200 u... Also with -x mavericks don t start
  3. Problem with Mavericks 10.9.2

    Hi I updated to 10.9.2 with the combo mavericks-update, but now when I try to start it reboots and mavericks will not start ... how can I do?
  4. Mavericks on acer aspire e1-572

    I used this guide https://www.hackintosh.zone/file/75-niresh-mavericks-for-intel-and-amd/ I used an external hard disk to create niresh usd, and then i'v installed mavericks on a partition of internal hd. to start installation you must use "xpcm-free -v"... Nobody can help me for Audio???
  5. Kernel panic

    I have this kernel panic: http://imageshack.com/a/img843/5309/7lrr.jpg I need a kext for realtek high definition Audio solution buy i have always kernel panic...
  6. Kext battery

    I need the kext to see the status of battery. Thanks
  7. Realtek high definition audio

    Hi I have a problem with Audio solution but generally i have a kernel panic, so to start mavericks normally i must delete vodoo kext. This is the panic http://imageshack.com/a/img843/5309/7lrr.jpg
  8. Mavericks on acer aspire e1-572

    For wifi i resolved using a usb-wifi, for Audio but now i'v this kernel panic http://imageshack.com/a/img843/5309/7lrr.jpg). Any suggestions? If i delete voodoo kext, mavericks starts normally but i have no sound...
  9. [Request] intel hd 4400 (mavericks)

    I used intel azul 12 and now work quite well
  10. [Request] intel hd 4400 (mavericks)

    No error, but it hangs at the boot up screen mode
  11. [Request] intel hd 4400 (mavericks)

    I already tries with -x but it don't start...now i'm reinstalling mavericks and i will make other attempts :/
  12. [Request] intel hd 4400 (mavericks)

    Nothing, now mavericks don't start
  13. [Request] intel hd 4400 (mavericks)

    I've already read the guide but i don't understand which values i should put...can you help me palese?
  14. [Request] intel hd 4400 (mavericks)

    I need kext for intel hd 4400, because i have this prolbem that hardware acceleration isn't supported.
  15. Mavericks on acer aspire e1-572

    Sorry but I don't understand what you mean with "dev and vendor id". i found the card data from control panel>device. how can I find other info?