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  1. 10.9 Install good!

    So I was finally able to install 10.9 with the bootflag "xpcm-free" I was wondering how can I get my WiFi to work, I know its damn near impossible for laptops but I've seen people getting the Dell 1704 wifi/bluetooth card (really an athreos brand) wifi working, I can't seem to locate the kext, or the one i have is not properly being installed. Also when I close my screen it does not go to sleep (fans still run and everything) and I also can only boot up using -x when booted with verbose mode its pauses at something about bluetooth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. System specs. Dell Inspiron 15R/5537 Ram-6gb Processor-I5 haswell 2.3ghz 500gb hdd intel hd4400
  2. 10.9 Install issues Dell Inspiron 15r 5537

    After some brief searching it looks like i need to unlock my bios or use a hacked bios because insydeh20 bios is very very limited
  3. 10.9 Install issues Dell Inspiron 15r 5537

    I tried everything all the usb ports 2 diff usb sticks the iso the dmg DVD's all sorts of combinations of boot flags i dont know what im missing my bios settings are correct (i have UEFI bios but it looks like a normal bios its insydeh2o ) dont know if that will make a difference or if things need to be setup differently because i notice some options that i need to change arent on my BIOS at all. any help would greatly be appreciated. Im almost at the point of giving up and just sticking with windows 8.1 bleeehhh lol
  4. 10.9 Install issues Dell Inspiron 15r 5537

    So I've gotten around this but still cant get to an install now everything looks like its going to start fine and I get a message cant load drivers
  5. notebook-Dell Inspiron 15r 5537 Graphics-intel hd4000 Ram-6gb CPU- Intel Core i5 2.30ghz OS-Windows 8.1 Motherboard-unknown/dell Getting this error message when I try to install I downloaded that new file thats supposed to fix it but i have no idea where to put it at, any help would be greatly appreciated