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  1. El Capitan already installed Hey, I have been trying to do a fresh install of El Cap, 10.11, and just after you select the language is states "OS X could not be installed on your computer", "OS X El Capitan is already installed on the Mac"......... It's a clean formatted SSD, how is this possible ???
  2. MacPwn El Capitan

    Hi, I can't seem to get MacPwn to install itself on a USB stick !! I am using an old Macbook to format the USB stick, and when I get to almost the last part of the process the installation fails ! Have tried 3 different USB sticks, it just isn't working for me. edit:- I would really like an explanation why MacPwn fails everytime I use it ?!?!?
  3. Hi, I'm VERY new to the "Hackintosh" idea, and have been "playing" with it for several days, and after many re installs I seem to have a good stable setup, however, I'm using a GTX 580, and have no idea whether it's natively supported or not, there doesnt seem to be any drivers for it, anywhere. So the problem is even when the desktop image changes, it's not a smooth seamless transition, it sort of stutters up the screen. Playing videos is basically out of the question, it's jerky & blinking during playback. It's also "stuck" on a small 1024 x 768 res, on a 27" monitor. Any suggestions, or should I use a later model graphics card ??? Cheers Hermie