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  1. Instant reboot [Haswell] after installation

    I found a solution that worked for me. Boot from the usb , once inside OSX ( the one that you have installed ) run multibeast then install the Audio 892 realtek drivers ,etc , and then on the terminal run perl -pi -e 's|x74x6c(x48x83xc7x28x90x8bx05..x5ex00x85x47xdc)x74x54(x8bx4fxd8x45x85xc0x74x08x44x39xc1x44x89xc1)x75x44(x0fx32x89xc0x48xc1xe2x20x48x09xc2x48x89x57xf8x48x8bx47xe8x48x85xc0x74x06x48xf7xd0x48x21xc2x48x0bx57xf0x49x89xd1x49xc1xe9x20x89xd0x8bx4fxd8x4cx89xca)(x0fx30x8bx4fxd8x0fx32x89xc0x48xc1xe2x20x48x09xc2x48x89x17x48x83xc7x30xffxce)x75x99(x5dxc3)x90{7}|x74x73${1}x74x5b${2}x75x4b${3}x66x81xf9xe2x00x74x02${4}x75x92${5}|g' mach_kernel and from windows i used EasyBCD ( for dual boot ) and set the new boot entry
  2. Hi all , i have a problem getting niresh to boot after installation. First of all sry for my english. System specs: CPU: Intel i5 4670k Mother: Asus Gryphon z87 GPU: GTX 760 On the installation ( from the dmg image ) i choose the followig boot options ( xpcm-free npci=0x2000 -v GraphicsEnabler=0) OS X runs fine but the only way to boot is from the usb where you can choose which partition you want to boot and the boot parameters , everything runs smoothly its detects all of my hardware. But .. when i unplug my usb and boot from the Chimera bootloader i get an instant reboot, i tried using no parameters and (-v GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000), but i get the same instant reboot Anyone has any idea of what is causing that problem ? Ps: Sry for my english if i'm not clear enought please let me know and i will try to clarify.