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  1. Intel HD 4600 Full QE-CI

    It will this work with HD4400 on a Dell laptop? Thanks!
  2. DSMOS has arrived

    Hello everyone! I downloaded OS X Yosemite 10.10, burned with Transmac on USB and booted with /haswell -v flags. After DSMOS has arrived and one more line, it hangs and stays like that forever, even if i can move the mouse cursor. Screenshot attached. So what can i try more to do it boot into normal Setup? My laptop specs are in my signature. It's a Dell Inspiron 5748 model. Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Hello everybody! I have a problem and i couldn't find any solution to this. So, i tried both apps to put the .DMG file on a USB stick: TransMac and Win32DiskImager. The result it's the same. After a few hundred lines of verbose mode, my PC is shutting down without any warning after this specific line no matter what the boot flags are: DataTraveler 3.0::terminate(kIOServiceSynchronous) timeout I run with this boot flags: amd -v My PC specs are on my signature. I found out from some forums that my Motherboard is compatible with 10.8.5 and 10.9, so this is not a problem. My VGA card is also compatible I attached some screens. Thanks a lot in advance! >>>(after the last line my pc shuts down, not restarting)