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  1. Fixed Audio and screen resolution - but still with glitches - using chameleon wizard. Is there a safe way - guide to upgrade to 10.9.5? what do i have to save (kexts etc) and how do i re-use them?
  2. Hi everyone, I' ve installed successfully Mavericks on a pc with - CPU: Intel Core E7200 - Graphic Card: nVidia ECS 8800GT - MotherBoard:GA-EP35C-DS3R - Audio Card (Chipset Realtek ALC 889A) Screen analysis is 1024 x 748 3MB memory and no Audio. I ve started by cloning the installation in the same disk because patches for Nvidia and Audio solutions in the download sector recuire a 10.9.5 version and i did not wat to reinstall again - a wise desicion later on. An update using app store started in the cloned installation but in the reboot graphics failed and I got a black screen (monitor had no signal at all)... I ve tried everything with multibeast without results in the first installation... Now can someone give me a link/hint to a solution please: 1.Can i update to 10.9.5 without a black screen as to install the patches? 2.Or do i have to fix 10.9.0 first and latter on to update? Is there a fix for 10.9.0? Thanks a lot for any help given.
  3. Hackintosh Mavericks

    Thank you very much!!!! Installation on GA-EP35C-DS3R+ E7200+ ECS 8800GT.