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  1. I got OS X Mavericks working on my Lenovo G505s and it even displays in my screen's native resolution... I have the kexts for wifi, graphics and everything I need ready but I cant install them because the only way my pc isn't freezing is with the "-x" boot flag (I cant mount any usb drives when in safe boot) If I boot without -x everything freezes shortly after booting... I used -v and this is what I get:
  2. Integrated ATI 8550g kexts

    I have a Lenovo g505s laptop that now runs Mountain Lion... Everything runs good but I cant get the graphics card kexts anywhere... My resolution is stuck at 1024*768, I'm seeing red flashes everytime I open the notification window, web pages with flash are extremely slow... I guess its probably graphics card's problem... The card is AMD Radeon 8550G... Any ideas/help?