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  1. Failed instalation - "Move IntelHD.pkg" Hi I tried to install Sierra on my Asus X553M-SX880H. Instalator boots propertly. When I choose extra Intel graphics driver in "Costumize" tab, I have failed instalation with result An error occured while running scripts from the package "Move IntelHD.pkg". Can't finish instalation. Then can't boot, because Clover (from USB stick with instalatior) doesn't see this system. When I unmark all off graphics addons, installation complete, but I cant boot. I suppose booting freeze just before running the graphics. My specs: CPU Intel Pentium N3540 GPU Intel HD Graphics (in Windows Device Manager) Best regards oskar5510
  2. Is It Safe To Upgrade To 10.9.1

    From App Store?
  3. Blank Screen When Booting

    I have bootable DVD and when I write "kernel cache"=/amd -v is only black screen. Wothout using is only Apple logo.
  4. Blank Screen When Booting

    I can't run the installer... I dont know how to select kext.
  5. Hi everyone I've problem with booting OS X on my laptop. With each command (e.g. "kernel cache"=/amd ) with -v, i have a black screen and nothing more. Any advice? My spec. TOSHIBA C-650D-10D CPU: AMD v120 RAM: 3GB GPU: ATI Radelon HD 4200 DISPLAY: 1366x768
  6. What is New in 10.8.5 Mountain Lion Distro?

    When can we download?