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  1. Hi @all! I just bought my first hackintosh components which I put together today. But, first of all, the components I used: GA-Z87N-WIFI Intel Core i3-4360 No Graphics Card SATA Harddrive, 500 GB 8 GB of RAM. I bought this components because of some buyers guides and forum posts pointing out that the install would be very easy. For installation, I use an USB drive of Niresh OS X Mavericks. I know the USB drive is working because I successfully set up a virtual machine with it. So I built the computer, put in the USB drive and fired up the machine. I used the -v flag to see whats happening. I also used some other flags such as -x or -maxmem or -GraphicsEnabler (both yes and no), but I always hit the screen I attached a photo of. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Since so much people wrote that the install is easy, I think the problem is sitting in front of the keyboard I would love to hear from you. Greetings from Germany, Stefan