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  1. weird Yosemite Zone problems

    Ok fixed in a very strange way: I tried installing clover on another usb drive, which failed too. After this I burned clover to a cd and it worked... Logic!
  2. weird Yosemite Zone problems

    Hi, first oft all many thanks to niresh for doing an amazing job with Yosemite zone. But here's my very weird problem: After the release of Yosemite zone i thought it would be a great idea to re-setup my hackintosh. To prevent a failure (yes i know...) i first installed it on a test partition and it worked perfectly! After this i erased my Main drive and tried to install it. I remember it said "undefined error 0" or something. After that i tried to boot again from the usb. It didn't work. Before the error I booted using clover from the usb-drive (with a weird christmas theme ) but now it looks like it tries to boot chameleon. It freezes at this typical (isn't it?) spinning bar. I already tried reinstalling yose.-zone in the stick. No change. My specs: CPU: i7 860 (veeery old) GPU: GTX 560 (same..) Mobo: GA-P55M-UD2 Plesse help me Thanks!