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  1. Alienware 17 r5 Tutorial

    Hi Taylor - thanks for your research - tried the same method on my Alienware 14 and it works perfect for that to! Seems to run more smoothly than the niresh build to!
  2. OSX not booting after updating from 10.9.0 to 10.9.5

    Did you try -v -f -x after replacing the kernel & kexts? You might also want to try GraphicsEnabler=No Also did you repair permissions after replacing the kexts and kernel? That is before trying to boot up?
  3. Alienware 14

    Fixed it: Need to Run GraphicsEnabler=Yes nv_disable=1 IntelAzulFB=12 on this model.
  4. Alienware 14

    So i've managed to get Niresh onto my Alienware 14 with the following spec: Intel 4710MQ CPU 8GB RAM GTX765M Graphics // Intel HD 4600 Crucial M500 960gb ssd After a massive amount of difficulty in getting the bootloader installed without Boot0: error I now have a booting install. Now the issue i'm facing is that the graphics don't work unless I run GraphicsEnabler=Yes IntelAzulFB=1-9 or 11-15. 10 Does not work as reported by others it just freezes up on boot. Also 1-8 and 13-15 produce a flickering picture but 9, 11 and 12 leave varying degrees of screen tearing at the top. Tried Skipnvidiagfx=Yes but no different. I have totally run out of ideas at this point - can't help thinking it has something to do with lack of optimus support but haven't been able to make sense of the workarounds to block the nVidia card from being detected.