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  1. In case it's of use to others with a similar setup these are the steps I followed to get 10.9.0 upgraded to 10.9.5 - once again large thanks to this post and also to Macbreaker and of course Niresh. Basically I’ve ignored the base installation section and used the rest to solve my reboot problem. My old system : AMD Athlon II X4, ASUS Mobo, Radeon HD5770, SATA II, USB 2.0 Step 1. Downloaded Niresh distro Mavericks 10.9.0 and created USB installation drive (all on Windows). Step 2. Installed 10.9.0 onto blank HDD using the Macbreaker guide (using the 'amd64' flag and didn't do the 'multibeast' step 6) - Step 3. Tried going straight to 10.9.5 via official download and install but of course that didn't work, resulting in what I call the ‘reboot cycle of death' where the system keeps trying to reboot itself without success. Step 4. Found this post. Repeated Step 2 above. Step 5. Followed just the combo upgrade section of this post as edited below : • Run Terminal window and the login as root user by entering following command.
sudo -i • Make a copy of the kernel.
 cp /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/mach_kernel /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/mach_kernel_ok • Make a copy of Extensions folder.
 cp -R /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/System/Library/Extensions /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/System/Library/Extensions_ok • Install update and upon reboot, insert installation DVD/USB with following boot parameters.
xpcm-free -v (this didn't work for me, 'reboot cycle of death' again, so instead I kicked off a fresh install from the USB drive using the 'amd64' flag again, just to get me to the next step below...) • Go through the first installation step without doing anything, open up Terminal via the menu. • Run following commands to restore working kernel and extensions.
 mv /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/mach_kernel /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/mach_kernel_bad
 cp /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/mach_kernel_ok /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/mach_kernel
 mv /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/System/Library/Extensions /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/System/Library/Extensions_bad
 mv /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/System/Library/Extensions_ok /Volumes/NameOf YourSystemVol/System/Library/Extensions • Remove/USB DVD and restart system, add following as boot parameters.
-x -v -f (I didn't do this) • Use Kext Wizard to repair permissions and rebuild cache. • Restart again and you should be up and running. • Now you can remove the bad kernel and extensions folder, they are not needed anymore. (not done this yet, mac noob!) I am now running Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 without any problems (so far) on an old Windows PC. First time Mac user and i'll now use this system for the everyday tasks I was doing on the PC. I'll report any issues/solutions/hacks in this forum. Thanks again.
  2. Worked for me too, thanks, but I didn't follow it exactly. I'll post what I did later, just wanted to say a big thanks for now.