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Found 11 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    AppleHDA Kext Patched For 10.10.3 Enables Input/Output Audio For ALC662 Motherboards.
  2. So here's the deal. I've been trying to get the GTX 960 working in my hackintosh for the past 4 days. I can install after applying the boot flags, however: 1. When I updated to 10.10.5 and put in in the amd sse3 kernel in (chameleon loader), thereafter installing the web drivers for nvidia, it would work, but using Finder and several different applications would constantly hang or sometimes even reset the driver. 2. I reinstalled and this time updated to 10.10.2 with the clover loader. Again i tried the drivers for 10.10.2, but they are even worse, artifacting out and finder would crash. 3. Attempting to update to 10.10.3 horribly messed up my install. I haven't tested it there but I have a friend who got it working with 10.10.3. My system is: AMD FX-8320 8 core CPU 16GB DDR3 1600 RAM ASUS M5A99FX Pro r2.0 motherboard Asus Strix GTX 960 2GB Graphics card 60gb ocz agility ii ssd with 500gb WD hdd Any solution?
  3. Can't find root device error

    Greetings fellow community members, and support groups, Today I have a problem on my hackintosh that I installed on my Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300. every time I boot with the -x and -v bootflags I soon see an error saying "Can't find root device" Here are some more details: SATA Drives are on ACHI mode.Yosemite 10.10.3 hackintosh installedDual Intel i7 Celron1366 x 768 screen4 GB RAM500GB Hard Drive64-Based Processor.if anything I haven't specified needs to be specified please inform me. Thanks, Reid
  4. AMD Yosemite Update

    Hello, I would ask help from you for I am with two problems. First, I install Yosemite 10.10.1 Niresh on my AMD Athlon II X2 270. The installation and after installation occur seamlessly, sound, internet, video everything ok. However when I try to open pictures, anything they get with pink stripes. It sucks, because I can not open any photo. The second problem comes when I try to solve the first. When I try to update my Yosemite to 10.10.3 or 10.10.4 the sound and the Internet no longer work. No matter how many times I reinstall the kexts, will not start at all. But the problem with pink stripes over. I managed to find kernel for any of the two versions of Yosemite, but it's no use to update and make no sound and internet. In short, I install 10.10.1 and everything works except the images that are bugs, I update and images look good, however the internet and sound to. My specs: Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 270, 3415 MHz Motherboard: ASRock N68-S3 FX 4GB memory Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS (VEN 10DE DEV 10C3) Audio: nVIDIA nForce 7025-630a - High Definition Audio Controller (VEN 1106 DEV 4397) Ethernet: nVIDIA nForce 7025-630a - LAN Controller (PHY Realtek RTL8201CL / CP) (VEN 10DE DEV 03EF) I use the Chameleon as Bootloader. my Boot.plist <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key><string>y</string><key>Graphics Mode</key><string>1024x768x32</string><key>GraphicsEnabler</key><string>y</string><key>Kernel Flags</key><string>npci=0x3000 debug=8 ahcidisk=1 dart=0</string><key>USBBusFix</key><string>y</string><key>Legacy Logo</key><string>Yes</string> If anyone can help me with either of the two problems, I appreciate it, not take it anymore reinstall Yosemite many unsuccessful attempts to solve it. Thank you Sorry for my English.
  5. Hello guyz, after a lot of research and uncountable tries with various kernels and kext files, i had successfully installed OSX 10.10.3 on my AMD FX 8350. I would like to help every AMD FX users on how to install 10.10.3 on their System and enable GFX acceleration on nvidia cards. Prerequisites: Download the 10.10.3 Combo update file from the link below. Installation Instructions: Step 1: Install Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 with /amd1 bootflag OR Install 10.10.1 with Unibeast drive using amd kernel Step 2: Download the .rar file from the link below and extract it. Step 3: In the rar file you will get a file as "kern" without quotes. Its the kernel file. Copy/paste the file on the root of you hackintosh drive. Also copy/paste two other kext files named as AppleACPIPlatform.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext on the root of your hackintosh or downloads folder of your hackintosh as we will need these two files later. Also Copy/paste the Web driver which i had also given on the rar file. Step 4: Now its time to install the 10.10.3 combo update file which u had downloaded. Step 5: After installing the update file, dont restart your PC. First, you have to copy/paste the pthread.kext file on System/Library/Extensions. or you can use Kext Wizard to install the Kext. You will get the pthread.kext file on the rar file which u had downloaded. On the rar file, you will get a .zip file named as Extract that zip file and you will get pthread.kext. Step 6: After installing the kext, Fix permissions with Kext wizard and then restart your PC and let the update complete. Step 7: After updating the hackintosh to 10.10.3, its time to boot. So now we need that kernel file which we had pasted on the root directory of the hackintosh drive earlier. So, insert the Yosemite Zone Pendrive as because we need that drive to boot into our hackintosh drive as it has got chameleon installed. Step 8: After inserting the Yosemite Zone Pendrive, boot from the pendrive and select your hackintosh drive from the chameleon boot menu. And now use the following boot flags: /kern -v -x -f Step 9: Patience. It will take some time to boot and after successful boot, it will boot without hardware acceleration. Step 10: Now we need to install the two other kext which we had copied earlier. So fire up Kext Wizard and install those two kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext. After installing the kexts, fix permission using kext wizard. Step 11: install the nvidia web driver which you had copied earlier. After installing the driver, remember to use boot flag nvda_drv=1 on org.chameleon.boot.plist and also copy the kernel file "kern" without quotes to System/Library/kernels and run chameleon Wizard and on org.chameleon.boot. option, tick mark kernel option and on the text bar below type in "kern" without quotes. This will make the OSX boot with kern everytime and you dont need to enter /kern bootflag everytime. Step 12: Reboot your PC and on the Chameleon Boot menu, Choose your hackintosh drive and hit ENTER. ENJOY YOSEMITE 10.10.3 on AMD FX. My Specification: CPU: AMDFX 8350 GPU: NVIDIA GTX 760 RAM: 8GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE MOBO: ASUS M5A97 R2.0
  6. Help me please. after update 10.10 to 10.10.3 can't load display black screen load infinity I update os x at App Store and restart how to fix it
  7. I have an AMD system (please find specs below). I have successfully installed Yosemite 10.10.1 using Yosemite Zone and I am very impressed by how smooth and really snappy OS X runs on the 8350. Yet I will only call this installation semi-successful for two things: first, iCloud and Facetime do not work, and second, Yosemite 10.10.3 update seems to be unachievable for my system at this time. This is not to say that I am not happy. In fact, if my installation stays unchanged, I would still be able to live with it. Except I think about that last final step towards a complete working system and I get restless. I think about it all the time. I have reinstalled Yosemite many times, having broken it after numerous unsuccessful attempts. Yet I am willing to reinstall it over and over again until I find my solution. So if someone out there knows for sure that certain solutions for certain systems simply have not yet been created, please have mercy and let me know. My compliments and thanks to those who pioneered and made devotees out of all of us! My specs: Processor: AMD FX8350 Motherboard/Chipset: Sabertooth 990FX r2.0/SB950 Graphics: Asus Poseidon GTX 780 3GB Ethernet: Realtek 8111F
  8. 10.10.1 runs near perfectly, tried updating to 10.10.3 (via 10.10.3 Updater and this happened: when I "press any button" I had an instant reboot My Laptop specs: HP Pavilion 15-p033ca 4th Gen Intel core i5-4210U processor (1.7 GHz to 2.7GHz) Intel HD4400 integrated graphics 6GB DDR3L SDRAM 750GB HDD (Partitioned 400GB for Windows 8.1, 350GB Mac OSX, named "Macintosh HD" ) Broadcom BCM43142 (14E4:4365) (Wi-Fi/BT Combo Chip) Realtek Ethernet
  9. Hello, Just curious, is there any word on an AMD kernel for the 10.10.3 update? I installed 10.10.1 Zone with /amd and cant seem to find a kernel yet other than: Which from the comments I am not too confident about it. I am running an AMD FX-4150 Also can someone provide me some background on how to properly update the kernel without breaking my hackintosh now that I have it working good so far (minus sleep, icloud, imessage) Thanks! P.S. I would also really like to extend my gratitude to @Niresh THANK YOU!!!
  10. I recently replaced my failed MacBook Pro with a virtual Hackintosh running on VirtuaBox. I'm attempting to reinstall Microsoft Office 2011 and all goes well until I try to open one of the office programs...then I get the error in the attached screenshot. Has anyone experienced this or have a solution? I've tried the Microsoft solution: no luck.
  11. So I wanted to update my hackintosh running on the latest Yosemite Zone to 10.10.3. How can I do that without causing kernel panics and error? I currently have a HP Pavilion dv6 running smoothly Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 Intel Core i5 Intel/AMD graphics And when I had Niresh Mavericks installed i wanted to update it to 10.9.5 and found this link: This tutorial helped me successfully update Mavericks to 10.9.5 without errors or kenel panics, will it work if i do the same? Thanks in advance.