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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there all, I have successfully installed Niresh Mavericks 10.9 on my system. The system is running flawlessly. My specs are - AMD FX - 4100 Quad Core 3.6GHz Processor Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P Motherboard Sapphire Radeon HD6450 1GB DDR3 GPU 4GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB WDC SATA Hard Disk Drive Graphics acceleration is full automagically! But................Yeah, there is a but. I have just one problem, and I think that's a major problem (may be a minor too, but to me it's a major) cause in every tutorial I have seen that everyone boots into Hard Drive after the installation. But I couldn't. I had to boot into USB first and then had to choose the Hard drive partition and entered the boot flags for booting into that partition. I didn't get the screen in the below mentioned link. Everyones boot0: done is shown at the top left corner, but mines shows at the bottom left. And from there it directly goes into the apple logo screen. So if anyone having the same issue, but has a stable build, please let me know cause it's bothering me so much. Here is my build of Niresh Mavericks 10.9 -
  2. Hi there guys, My PC has the below configuration - AMD FX - 4100 Bulldozer 3.6 GHz Processor Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P 500 GB WD HDD I tried to install Niresh Mavericks on my PC but it always boot with the boot flags amdfx -v and stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin]. After this point my computer shuts down, and do not want to restart for a couple of time. I have tried the boot flag PCIRootUID=0 and PCIRootUID=1 both but no luck. Tried a couple of different boot flags too but none of 'em worked. So now my query is, can I even install any Hackintosh on my system? I am really disappointed at this point. I know that it's kinda kernel panic, that's why it's not booting. Should I install chameleon or multibeast as a boot loader in my bootable USB? So if anyone here has the same configuration as mine or nearly mine please give a solution. I really love hackintosh and I'm desperate to build one. Please guys, it's really tough for me now to buy a intel based processor. Thanks in advance guys. Long live Niresh.