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Found 17 results

  1. Help could not start saw OS Sierra Hello, I hope to help me, I try to boot from my USB, but every time I reboot and load my USB my computer is on a black screen, with a blinking pointer, I've loaded the DMG file with another usb and it's still the same, When I do the Restore image with trans MAC when finalizing inside the usb I unpacked the file Restore Sierra.pkg. I do not know why it's not happening, I've previously installed Yosemite and I've had no problem. I hope they help me, thanks
  2. stuck at apple logo ml 10.8 iso dvd hello guys i have downloaded mountain lion 10.8 iso and burnt it on a blank dvd when i booted it i got stuck in apple logo and i have tried many boot flags but it also stuck at system uptime in nano second although i have installed Yosemite via usb and worked correctly i have a lenovo laptop with 4 gp of ram ,intel celeron t3500 and inte hd 3000 please help me and which is best maca os version for my laptop many thanks
  3. Black Screeen Boot, No error.

    Black Screeen Boot, No error. Hi! I have tried running a vanilla macOS Sierra Install and it's a little too difficult with the hardware I have so I have decided to try Yosemite-Zone Mobo: Not sure, some Lenovo mobo that came with the PC 4GB RAM CPU: Intel Core i5 3470S @ 2.9Ghz Graphics: Intel Integrated HD 2500 (I know this is only slightly supported in Yosemite) So when booting from the USB in VirtualBox and from my BIOS, it either carries on to boot Windows or says No boot medium. I tried booting Yosemite-Zone.iso in VirtualBox and it didnt boot OSX Installer but I got to the bootloader. The ISO is too big too fit onto a DVD and I tried 'burning' it to USB using rufus but it is an "unsupported image" The reason I would like to use the ISO is because the DMG does not seem to work. Let me add that the USB I tried booting from had Yosemite-Zone.dmg on it from TransMac. Not really sure what else to do, I know this is a useful community so any help is appreciated. Nick
  4. Can someone please tell me how to install Multibeast? I have my Yosemite Hackintosh running nicely on a custom built pc but I have no idea how to install Multibeast to tidy up the few non-working items (wi-fi, Audio). I have the tutorial so I'm okay with how to use it, but I can't understand how to install it. The download is in iso format but the pc, of course, is formatted for Mac. This may be a simple thing but I don't get it. Please help. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I want to learn IOS programming but cannot afford a MAC Desktop. I've 2 questions 1. Will I be able to setup XCode on OSX installed on virtualbox on Linux/Windows desktop computer. 2. Can I use any of the latest ISO's available via Hackintosh for installation on Virtualbox? I've read that I'll require 8+ GB of RAM. I've 4 GB, will that be okay to start with? Thanks in advance for helping.
  6. Alright, here's my dilemma. I'm trying to boot up Niresh Mavericks on an AMD64 desktop (I'm not using Yosemite because it takes 5 minutes to load all the HFS+ files on that one). I've gotten stopped by the infamous "PCI Configuration Begin" hang, and I can't fix it; I've tried pretty much every combination of PCIRootUID=0/1, npci=0x2000/0x3000, pci=no, GraphicsEnabler=Yes, dart=0, -x, and so on with both /amd and /amd64 (this is not an FX system); no luck on any try. I finally found some custom kexts somebody made that are supposed to be able to bypass this. I know they go in the Extra\Extensions folder. But here's where things get tricky; The computer's motherboard doesn't support booting from a USB drive, so I have it burned to a DVDR-DL that I'm booting from; I've got like 50 of these laying around, so I've no worries about burning more. Of course, this means I'm using the ISO file, which can't be edited; only extracted, edited, and then put back together. Problem is, I can't for the life of me get it put back together properly. I'm using PowerISO, although I do also have IMGBurn and Image Master at my disposal. What I've been doing is taking the ISO, backing up the boot information, extracting it, manually extracting the [BOOT] folder with 7zip, putting it back in, adding the kexts, and then putting them all back into PowerISO, making it bootable, and using the boot information from the official ISO. It does create a valid ISO file, but it doesn't actually boot; it just hangs on the boot screen (I've been using VirtualBox to test it, where the normal ISO works fine). To make matters worse, I can't browse the filesystem contents of the disc on my Windows computer, so I can't just edit it directly that way (haven't tried on Linux yet, but I'd assume it's no different). I do have a Mac Mini available, but it has no disc drive, and I don't have any external disc drives to hook up to it. I need some way to add custom kexts to the Niresh ISO file, and still be able to burn it to a disc and have it work.
  7. iso vs dmg install

    Please help me get past the problem I am having trying to follow the instructions article for installing the Niresh install to a Windows (AMD64) machine. The instructions article says to install from a USB with the DMG file - but that fails to happen, and i suspect it it because the dmg format is a compressed archive. Should i be extracting the files and then putting them on a USB, and try again, or should i use the ISO? Are there any instructions available for installing from the ISO? (The comments with the file suggest it needs to be opened from a virtual machine - but I am not sure that is the case.) Detailed instructions would help me a lot (I am a newbie as is probably obvious). Thanks.
  8. Hello everyone I wanted to know if anyone could help me, you'll see I tried to install mac os yosemite, try downloading the DMG file, but not boot from the usb, try several times but just did not work! This time I decided to download the ISO image, copy it to a DVD and start this time from there; Once done that, the screen stays black as if loading the DVD, but the light does not blink. I think I did not burn the ISO image correctly on the DVD, so I would like someone to help me and tell me how you should burn the ISO image correctly Thanks
  9. Help making Bootable Niresh USB

    I have downloaded the Niresh ISO to my computer, and I want to know how I can write it to a usb drive and boot it, which I have tried many times with no avail. I also have the Lion.dmg (Regular Mac OS X if I need to use that. please just tell me how I can install OS X on my pc, and make it possible to do in windows. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  10. Help, stuck at spinning wheel

    i booted with -v and -x but i still get the same problem
  11. I try to build the own bootable DVD images with OS X installers and found some serious problems with way to create ISO file. OS X system binaries have a utility for do it named 'hdiutil'. This software contains special command for including boot sector in ISO images but thats all deprecated. With command 'El Torito' boot we can add the boot sector(e.g. cdboot from chameleon bootloader package) and create the disk. In present days most of installers intended for USB flash drive ways but i'd like to use optical disks. Most of old cdboot files is to old for new hardware and disks created with that is to stupid. It's real boot images and chimerachameleon 'boot' file work correct but loading process crash after timer line is out. Have any ideas how to create a boot DVD? I have a system and i have an installer but i can't write the working disk. What CDBOOT sectors i can use to do the Ivy Bridge and Haswell compatible installer images? We really can build boot DVD images with OS X installer fast and simple but all of new installers intended to flash. Have any ideas? Can we "respawn" old 'cdboot' style in new installers versions for Sandy, Ivy and Haswell? In experimental bootable flash drive cropped OS X system with only x86_64 architecture, languages and minimal functioning software it's have only 2-2.5Gb disk space ... and it is a format of small(13 size) optical DVD circle.
  12. Hello, I'm trying to boot from the niresh mavericks installation but the procedure is stuck at booting from the external hard drive. I have downloaded both dmg and iso files and imaged them to my external drive more than 10 times. I could actually see the files in the external hard drive except for the niresh logo, is that normal? What do you think is the problem? I have used win32DiskImager. I have tried two different hdds. What would you recommend? Thank you
  13. I'm actually getting a little bit confused whether I'd install a Maverick with .DMG or with .ISO. Since, I got an ML.ISO of niresh (maverick too), I installed it on my computer on VMware (I haven't tried installing it directly though). I saw a lot of tutorials online, most of the tutorials are with .dmg installation file, they installed the Niresh's OS using USB pendrive which is 8GB or more. I'm little bit not comfortable with the .DMG since you've do some USB booting, I always use bootable DVD. Can you guys give me a tutorial guide on how to install Niresh's OS X Mavericks.iso on a Gigabyte computer directly? Anyway, is it possible to install it on C: drive just like windows without formatting the whole drive? I use Gigabyte G41M-Combo with Intel Core 2 Duo which has 320GB of HDD and a 4GB RAM.
  14. I made a bootable USB for installing OS X Maverick 10.9.0 but my notebook did not detect it. USB was made by using PowerISO 5.8 and OS X Maverick 10.9 ISO file. When I opened up the ISO file. I found that all the contents have 'hidden' attribute enabled. Please suggest some solution.
  15. USB vs ISO What's the difference?

    Hey Everyone, I'm a hackintosh newb and have been reading up a lot the past couple of weeks on the best Hackintosh Mavericks option for an AMD-FX 6350 and an ASRock 970 Extreme 3. Niresh's program seems to be the only one that works. Yesterday on Facebook Niresh posted that there will soon be an ISO version of Mavericks. It seems that the ISO is more popular than the USB method. What is the reason for this? Does it reduce the chance of getting a kernel panic? Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who posts on this Forum, it really helps!
  16. not trying to repost, but i would like to know if there is a ISO for mavericks since virtualbox doesn't support the .dmg file that i downloaded (still seeding it though). thanks, judge2020
  17. AMD OSX Boot CD

    Version 1.0


    This is a boot Cd for AMD User.. OS X 10.8.3 AMD BootCD.iso (only for the processors Athlon/AthlonII/Phenom/PhenomII) the correct boot flag is arch=x86_64 npci=0x2000 The AMD Kernel made By Bronzovka For 10.8.x Darwin 12.3.0 (10.8.3) the kernels is RC4 by Bronzovka. Is best AMD Kernel at the moment. advantages : 1.Running stable. 3.SSSE3 issue has already been solved.