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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have an issue and have been days trying to solve it, I am stuck trying to boot to the installer. I have tried many bootflags, including "Kernel Cache", Graphics Enabler, and USBBusFix, to no avail. My specs are: Specs are sort of incomplete because of the lack of information on this G505. I checked online and in the manual, all to no avail, they were just generic specifications, no model, etc. Lenovo g505 AMD E1 APU, 1ghz Radeon HD 8210 graphics Mobo: Couldn't find the model. Wireless: Couldn't find. Ethern: Couldn't find. Here's a minimap of the errors: amd -> efi error amd (tried again with USBBusFix) -> reboot amd64 -> hangs forever in gray screen, in verbose mode code runs all over the screen, almost impossible to read, then gets stuck for hours amdfx-> Not my architecture I believe, tried, resulted in reboot If you need any more information just ask and I will happily provide.
  2. Installer Won't Load With Niresh 10.8.2

    Hi Everybody, As most people here I'm new to this Hackintosh thing, but I really want to give it a try. I'm trying currently the Niresh method. HW: MB: ASRock H61M-HVC CPU: Intel i5 2500K GPU: Nvidia 550 ti I have made an entry boot point with Neosmart, and I'm loading from it Niresh's 10.8.2 Installer. Installer won't load, it starts stating multiple code lines really fast then a glimps of the apple logo comes about then restart. I've tried -v / -x / npci 2000 and 3000. still restart the -v won't even freeze at the point where it should tell me what went wrong, thengs just restart after loading a bunch of codes that I really can't catch to read. Appreciate your help, if you need any more info, please ask!
  3. Hi, I have just installed Niresh distro ML 10.8.2 on my Lenovo Ideapad Y470 laptop. Installation went fine. However, when I try to boot into Mac OS X, it displays a message in a GUI window saying I need to restart my computer (see snapshot restart.jpg in attachment). I tried to debug it using "-v -x debug=8" and was able to get a snapshot of the point it stalls (verbose.jpg in attachment). My hardware config is as follows. Let me know if you need more info for debug. I thought it was the Bluetooth causing the issue at first and disabled it (in Windows) and rebooted but it didn't help. Cheers, Umut Processor 1 ID = 0Number of cores 4 (max 8)Number of threads 8 (max 16)Name Intel Core i7 2630QMCodename Sandy BridgeSpecification Intel® Core i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHzPackage (platform ID) Socket 988B rPGA (0x4)CPUID 6.A.7Extended CPUID 6.2A Chipset------------------------------------------------------------------------- Northbridge Intel Sandy Bridge rev. 09Southbridge Intel HM65 rev. 05Memory Type DDR3Memory Size 6 GBytesChannels DualMemory Frequency 665.1 MHz (1:5)CAS# latency (CL) 9.0RAS# to CAS# delay (tRCD) 9RAS# Precharge (tRP) 9Cycle Time (tRAS) 24Command Rate (CR) 1TMCHBAR I/O Base address 0x0FED10000MCHBAR I/O Size 19456MCHBAR registers Memory SPD------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIMM # 1SMBus address 0x50Memory type DDR3Module format SO-DIMMManufacturer (ID) Samsung (CE00000000000000)Size 4096 MBytesMax bandwidth PC3-10700 (667 MHz) DIMM # 2SMBus address 0x52Memory type DDR3Module format SO-DIMMManufacturer (ID) Kingston (7F98000000000000)Size 2048 MBytesMax bandwidth PC3-10700 (667 MHz) Storage------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drive 0Device Path ?ide#diskowc_mercury_electra_6g_ssd______________330abbf0#4&ee5a3e1&0&0.1.0#{53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}Type FixedName OWC Merc ury ElectraCapacity 111.8 GBSMART Support Yes Display Adapters------------------------------------------------------------------------- Display adapter 0 Display name .DISPLAY1Name Intel® HD Graphics FamilyMemory size 1024 MBPCI device bus 0 (0x0), device 2 (0x2), function 0 (0x0)Vendor ID 0x8086 (0x17AA)Model ID 0x0116 (0x3981)Performance Level 0